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Internet Star Ken Bone Says Son Was Suspended From School For Going To A Gun Range

Ken Bone, the man who became Internet famous for asking questions during one of the 2016 Presidential debates (and for wearing a now-iconic red pullover), says his son was suspended from school pending an investigation after Bone posted a photo of him and his son getting time in at the gun range.

On Thursday, Bone reposted the photo, noting that his son was now facing an inquiry from school officials.

Bone initially posted the photo as a response to Parkland mass shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv after Kashuv, himself, was questioned by police over a photo of him spending time at the gun range learning how to operate an AR-15. Bone captioned the photo with a story about how he was teaching his son “how to shoot safely,” and suggesting that “maybe those security guys want to talk to him.”

It turns out they did.

Kashuv is still handling the fallout from his photo. Ken Bone says his son’s situation is still developing, and that he has spoken to the principal at his son’s school.