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INSANE: Women’s March Attacks #MeToo Leader Rose McGowan Over Her ‘Transphobia’

There’s a limit to the Women’s March’s support for women — and Rose McGowan has apparently met it.

After McGowan argued with a trangender activist who attempted to derail a planned speech about her abuse at the hands of Harvey Weinstein, the Women’s March hit out at McGowan for her “transphobia” and for “denying” a trans woman’s identity.

The Daily Wire covered the incident, which took place at a Manhattan Barnes & Noble. While McGowan was giving her speech, a “trans activist” heckled her from the audience, accusing her of abrogating her responsibility to trans women, and failing to acknowledge the violence trans woman face, as though McGowan was competing to be the most injured victim of men.

“You do nothing for [trans women],” accused the heckler. “Trans women are in men’s prisons. And what have you done for them?”

McGowan was confused, and then hurt. When the activist was finally removed, McGowan broke down.

“I’m not crying, I’m f***ing mad with the lies. I’m mad that you put s*** on me because I have a f***ing vagina and I’m white or I’m black or I’m yellow or I’m purple. F*** off. All of us want to say it. I just do,” she said.

“And you can label this thing as a breakdown,” she continued. “That, motherf***ers, is a breakthrough. Maybe not for me, but for you. I might have information you want. I might know s*** that you don’t. So f***ing shut up. Please systemically. For once. In the world. You know what I’m talking about. Just tell the God-damned truth. Stop boxing everybody into s***.”

“Does anyone have any idea what energy this takes? Any concept?” she finished.

Perhaps proving her point that women must compete to be the most victimized, most marginalized, and most oppressed, the Women’s March found the trans activist, did an interview with her, and then attacked McGowan on Twitter.

“Transphobia and denying trans women’s identities is never okay. The pain we feel does not excuse the pain we cause others,” the March claimed, bizarrely.

Even feminists, normally supportive of the March, hit back at the Women’s March for forcing women to compete to be the biggest victim.

The Women’s March then went on to tweet their support for newly-admitted Weinstein victim Uma Thurman, as though nothing happened.