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Insane Videos Of Venezuela Protests Show People Being Run Over By Gov’t Vehicles While Their President Dances On TV

Anti-government protesters covered the streets of Caracas, Venezuela’s capital city, with rocks and Molotov cocktails as police in riot gear opened fire with tear gas and crowd-suppressing rounds.

On Wednesday — as seen in the video below — the angry protestors who want President Nicolas Maduro to step down decided to do battle with an armored military-style vehicle and the results are horrifying.

As the rioters hurled a Molotov cocktail onto the roof of the fortified National Guard vehicle, it backs away from the crowd. But when the mob surrounds two members of the security forces, the armored vehicle hits the gas and plows into the crowd, running over 22-year-old Pedro Michell Yaminne as someone yells, “Son of a —–!”

In another clip (below) that some might call the cherry on top of the “why socialism sucks” sundae, President Nicolas Maduro is seen dancing on TV as his country burns itself to the ground:

According to CNN:

At least 36 people have died and more than 700 have been injured in protests in the last month, the Venezuelan prosecutor’s office reported. Half the deaths occurred in the capital of a country mired in economic crisis and political instability. The victims included four teenagers, a National Guard member and a police officer.

Looting and criminal activities are rampant as people are starving, jobless, and desperate. The Valencia chamber of commerce told the AFP:

Residents were stockpiling food, water and fuel. At least 70 stores have been raided since Tuesday.

“They are taking advantage of the protests to go out and rob,” said Magaly Oliveros, a 64-year-old housewife in Valencia.

“Today we are hungry, and tomorrow we will be hungrier still because there is nothing.”

Exit thought: