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Insane Man Regains Sanity, Breaks Up With Lena Dunham

You wake up one morning and realize the woman that you’ve been sleeping next to for five years is Lena Dunham. What do you do?

If you’re Jack Antonoff (and thank God you’re not), you probably spend two weeks screaming yourself into a stupor. Then, when you recover, you finally reveal the break-up to E! News.

Yes, sadly, it’s true. The ever-visible Dunham and her former Bleachers frontman boyfriend are calling it a day, according to an E! News source, “It was mutual. Jack and Lena were growing apart and it just made sense for them to end their relationship where it was.” The source was quick to add, “They want the best for each other no matter what. They are both moving on.”

The last time the couple was seen at a public event was at a Grammys pre-party one year ago. In October 2017, Dunham told Variety, “It’s safe to say that before Jack my life was full of far fewer sights. He showed me the importance of making political statements using your public platform. He showed me the joy of collaboration.”

For those uninformed as to Dunham’s history, she allegedly sexually abused her younger sister, gave away her dog and allegedly fabricated the reason why, and falsely accused a Republican man named “Barry” of rape.

Reaction to the tragedy abounded on Twitter:

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