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INSANE Congresswoman Calls NRA And Dana Loesch ‘Domestic Security Threats’

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

On Thursday night, Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY) called the National Rife Association (NRA), which represents over 5 million Americans, and organization spokeswoman Dana Loesch, “domestic security threats.”

The NRA and Dana Loesch “are quickly becoming domestic security threats under President Trump,” wrote Rep. Rice in a Twitter post. “We can’t ignore that.”

Loesch, not one to stay silent against slanderous attacks, asked the congresswoman for an explanation of her tweet. “Hi Congresswoman, can you explain why you say I and millions of members are “domestic security threats?” Thank you,” she wrote.

Rice has yet to respond to Loesch, or post anything for that matter.

“Rephrase: An elected gov’t official just labeled me and millions of others ‘domestic security threats.’Wow,” clarified the spokeswoman for the pro-Second Amendment group.

Loesch also quipped:

As you might suspect, calling 5 million-plus Americans a threat to their own country didn’t sit well with the public, either. NRA members and Second Amendment supporters were quick to slam the congresswoman for her irresponsible and outrageous claim.

Others pointed out Rep. Rice’s soft language on actual national security threats, like vicious and murderous gang MS-13.

Loesch pointed out the same during an appearance on NRATV:

.@DLoesch on @RepKathleenRice “She had harsher words for myself & the millions of #NRA members than she did MS-13” #RemoveRice

— NRATV (@NRATV) August 11, 2017

Loesch was recently targeted by left-wing journalists after they incorrectly claimed the spokeswoman threatened to “fist” The New York Times, when Loesch actually said “fisk.” At least one journalist, Yashar Ali, apologized for his mistake.

Before firing-off her inflammatory tweet, Rice accused the NRA of racism for staying “silent” on the death of Philando Castile, a black man who was fatally shot by a police officer last summer.

Last month, Loesch, speaking on behalf of the organization, said, in part:

I don’t agree with every single decision that comes out from courtrooms of America. There are a lot of variables in this particular case, and there were a lot of things that I wish would have been done differently. Do I believe that Philando Castile deserved to lose his life over his [traffic] stop? I absolutely do not. I also think that this is why we have things like NRA Carry Guard, not only to reach out to the citizens to go over what to do during stops like this, but also to work with law enforcement so that they understand what citizens are experiencing when they go through stops like this.

Rep. Rice is currently a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security and the Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence.

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