FAKE NEWS: Reporters Falsely Accuse Dana Loesch, NRA Of Promising To 'Fist' The NYT

This is a new low, even for The New York Times.

"The National Rifle Association on Thursday released a new video featuring spokeswoman Dana Loesch appears to threaten to 'fist' the New York Times," reported Raw Story, a left-wing blog, adding: "Yep, fist."

Except this is all Very Fake News.

On Friday night, New York Times reporters Adam Goldman and Nick Confessore and New York Magazine contributor Yashar Ali accused NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch of threatening to "fist" the NYT in an ad for the pro-Second Amendment group.

But, as can be viewed in the video below, Loesch says "fisk," not "fist."

Here are the subtitles for more confirmation:

In a now-deleted tweet, Goldman quotes the NRA ad and writes: "The NRA just threatened to 'fist' the NYT. Not Kidding. Watch this advertisment."

Confessore also tweeted (then deleted) the lie:

As did Ali, before he, too, deleted the remark. Apparently attempting to save face, Ali quasi-retracted his remark by posting the subtitles while also blaming a hashtag for tripping him up:

Regarding Ali's mention of the #ClenchedFistOfTruth hashtag, this slogan became popularized after the NRA responded to the Women's March movement and left-wing violence. It had nothing to do with the non-existent "fisk" reference.

Apparently the reporters who lashed-out at Loesch were unaware of the term fisk, which means to debunk a post point by point. They instead thought the NRA would want to "fist" the NYT. Naturally.

The term is also defined online, as pointed out by the conservative pundit, ironically using the NYT as their example:

And there's more. Loesch has used the term previously in her own posts:

Since the spreading of the fake news, Loesch has been inundated with aggressive and threatening tweets, most sexual in nature, alluding to the "fist" reference:

We're sure an apology from the reporters will be issued shortly. LOL.

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