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Incredible Footage Of Helicopter Pilot Landing Then Chasing Down A Criminal On Foot

By  Chase Stephens

On Tuesday in Houston, Texas, a Fox 26 News helicopter filmed a police helicopter and a police SUV chasing down a home invasion suspect in a large grassy field. What the pilot does next will alleviate him from ever paying for a cold beer for the rest of his tenure as a chopper pilot.

Click below for the footage which already has the perfect soundtrack added to it…

In the video the MD500 police helicopter swoops in low, circling the fleeing criminal, when it suddenly eases up to let his fellow officers pursuing in a Chevy Tahoe get in closer for a try at the suspect.

The SUV then rams the robber similar to PIT maneuvering a car, but the suspect gets up and start running away again. That’s when the chopper pilot, still wearing his helmet, comes sprinting into frame at full speed and tackles the criminal, finally bringing the chase to an end.

According to KHOU, Sarah and Rik Dalton were at work when their home was broken into by the suspect and his partner.

“We just got an alert that something was going on,” said Sarah. “So, we asked our neighbor to check on the property while we hurried home from work.”

When they arrived, the suspect fled.

“Luckily we got there fast enough so they were able to get into the house and they saw us and they took off in a car and that’s when the pursuit happened,” said Sarah.

After the first suspect was run down by the pilot, police arrested the accomplice in a nearby neighborhood.

The Daltons say the burglars did get into their home and although they didn’t get anything, they severely damaged four of their doors and tore the inside of their home up, including slicing through one of their new mattresses.

Even so, after seeing how quickly the police responded the Daltons joked they owe HPD a favor, “They will get a beer!” laughed Rik Dalton. “They will get a beer!”

Some speculate the burglary suspects weren’t the only ones to break a law that day. With only an 800-pound load capacity on the MD500 helicopter, the pilot broke the laws of physics by achieving flight while transporting his massive balls.

Goooooooood day.

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