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Inaugural ABC News Election Tracking Poll: Clinton Up 12

The inaugural ABC News 2016 election tracking poll finds Hillary Clinton with a huge 12-point lead over Donald Trump, 50%-38%, a massive swing in Clinton’s direction largely due to voters repelled by Trump’s treatment of women and his refusal to endorse the November election’s legitimacy.

69% of likely voters disapproved of Trump’s answers when he was questioned about his treatment of women; 59% of likely voters dismissed Trump’s claim that the election was rigged in Clinton’s favor; 65% of respondents disapproved of Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the election.

The 12-point gap between Trump and Clinton is the largest in all ABC News and ABC News/Washington Post polls. Gary Johnson received 5% of respondents’ vote; Jill Stein 2%.

The last ABC/Post poll, on October 13, showed Clinton with a four-point lead. It followed the disclosure of the infamous “pussy” tape but preceded the repeated claims from various women of Trump sexually assaulting them, his responses, Trump’s refusal to accept the election results, and the third and final presidential debate.

Breaking the poll down:

Clinton leads among women, 55%-35%. Since mid-October, Clinton gained 12 –points while trump lost 16 among non-college-educated white women.

Clinton’s 16-point advantage college-educated white women in mid-October has doubled to 32 points: 62%-30%.

For the first time in ABC News and ABC/Post polls, Clinton leads among men, 44%-41%.

Trump leads among whites 47%-43%, but Mitt Romney led Barack Obama by 20 points in 2012. Among non-whites, Clinton leads 68%-14%.

Disapproval of Trump’s treatment of women crosses the gender gap: 71% of women disapprove of his response to the accusations against him; 67% of men agree. Even among GOP voters, 41% disapprove of Trump’s answers. 70% of independents and 92% of Democrats disapprove. 57% overall disapprove strongly.

59% of likely voters disapprove of how Clinton responded to her email scandal. 45% overall disapprove strongly.

Nearly one-quarter of GOP voters think Trump’s claim of a “rigged” election stems from his desire to make an excuse for losing. %7% of independents agree.

53% of voters overall disapprove of Trump’s refusal to accept election results.

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