In Hilarious Comic Masterpiece, NYT Editor Tweets Paper Will Treat Biden As They Did Trump

A copy of the December 23, 2018 edition of The New York Times features a front-page article by Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman referring to U.S. President Donald Trump as an isolated leader who sees 'a war every day.' (Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)
Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Cliff Levy, the Associate Managing Editor of the New York Times, a former newspaper, has tweeted that the Times, “will scrutinize the incoming administration just as thoroughly as we did the outgoing one.”

And yes, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, Oh, Klavan, you uproarious Punchinello of miraculous mirth, where do you come up with these absurd and yet side-splitting knee-slaps of hilarious satire that stretch the very limits of imagination past the shadowy borderlands of the preposterous into the cosmic wonderworld of the totally ridiculous?

But no. I’m actually not making this up.

Cliff Levy, who works at the New York Times, where anyone who is polite to a Republican is drummed out of the city by a gang of 20-year-old trust fund credentialists who think that women in the Soviet Union had great sex in an apartment with one bedroom and three other families right up to the moment their husbands were taken into a prison basement and shot in the back of the head for having once wished out loud that they didn’t have to wait on line for bread…

Cliff Levy thinks that that newspaper is going to cover Joe Biden’s administration honestly and fairly.

Well, I, for one, believe him. Because I’m an idiot. And I’m really looking forward to the day when the New York Times matches their story headlined, “Brett Kavanaugh’s Brutal Rape Spree,” with their story headlined, “Tara Reade: Wasn’t She Kind of Asking For It?” I can’t wait till they match the story headlined, “Trump, Demonic Hellhound of Hitlerian History,” with their story headlined, “Joe Biden, How Cute is His Cat?” And of course, I’m holding my breath for when they match the think piece, “Trump: Is he Evil or Really, Really Evil?” with their feature, “Joe Biden: “It’s Not Dementia, It’s Just So Much Goodness He Can’t Get the Words Out.”

Cliff Levy thinks the New York Times will cover Joe Biden fairly. I actually wish I’d made that up, but I’m just not that funny.

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