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WATCH: Illegal Immigrant Who Murdered Two Cops Grins At Trial: ‘I Wish I Killed More Of Those Motherf***ers’

On Tuesday, illegal immigrant Luis Bracamontes, 37, went on trial in Sacramento for murdering two Sacramento-area deputies in October 2014, a crime he has admitted to in court hearings. He also shot a motorist in the head to steal his car, and wounded another deputy.

At the trial, Bracamontes grinned and stated his only regret was “that I f***ing just killed two. I wish I killed more of those motherf***ers.”

As Bracamonte started ranting, Judge Steve White instructed the jury to step out into the hallway. Bracamonte continued, “I don’t f***ing regret that s***. Only thing that I f***ing regret is that I f***ing just killed two. I wish I killed more of those motherf***ers. … I will break out soon, and I will kill more. Whoever f***ing get in front of me, just like that. There’s no need for a f***ing trial.”

After Judge White warned Bracamontes that if he were not silent he would be removed from the courtroom, he ordered that the jury be brought back into the courtroom. Public defender Jeffrey Barbour said, “Before you do that, may I be heard on one issue? Thank you. We believe these outbursts and inappropriate laughter are part of the mental illness that we talked about earlier. At this point, we would ask the court to reconsider its ruling on the 1368 motion we filed; or in the alternative, let us declare a doubt, another doubt, under penal code 1368.”

Judge White: “Your motion is denied. We’ll address this at a later time.”

Later, as prosecutor Rod Norgaard recalled the ambush slaying of Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver, he described how Oliver’s partner, Scott Brown, came under heavy fire from Bracamontes as Brown emptied his 15-round clip at Bracamontes in the Motel 6 parking lot. Norgaard noted that Brown, having seen his partner killed, retreated under heavy fire.

Bracamontes responded to Norgaard’s testimony by taunting Brown, saying, “Coward.”

Last February, Barbour and Norm Dawson, the other public defender, asked for the trial to be moved out of Sacramento County, arguing that Bracamontes could not get a fair trial. They stated:

There have been at least 289 news articles written about this case. There have been at least 476 television broadcasts. There have been over 1,500 internet hits and stories on this case. There have been political ads and political speeches featuring this case. … The extent of the coverage is comprehensive, all-encompassing and ongoing. … Mr. Bracamontes has been demonized in the local media. He is portrayed as an outcast, not only from this community and also from this state but from this country.

Bracamontes, from Mexico, has a history of drug arrests; he has been deported twice. On October 24, 2014, he murdered Oliver and Placer County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Davis Jr. as well as another deputy and the motorist. His wife, Janelle Monroy, who is accused of helping him in his rampage, faces life in prison; he could get the death penalty.

Video: Warning: Graphic language

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