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I’d Like to Buy a Vowel: H__PPY… BIRTHD__Y… P__T…S__J__K !

By  Chase Stephens

National treasure Pat Sajak turns 69 today. The veteran game show host has been helping us digest casseroles next to our parents and grandparents for 32 years, making sure there’s no commercial break long enough for them to ask why we haven’t moved out and what ever happened to that nice Tina girl you used to work with.

A long-time Republican, Sajak took over hosting duties for the show in 1983 when fellow conservative and game show host Chuck Woolery left to helm Love Connection. “We’ll be back in Two and Two.”

The Wheel tweeted some love to their main man, who marked his b-day by posting, “I plan to blow out my candles early and spend the rest of the day recovering.”

On your way out, if you’ve got a little time, here’s Pat on the Hoover Institute’s Uncommon Knowledge, talking about what it’s like being a conservative and a Hollywood celebrity…

Exit thought by the man himself…


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