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‘I Whooped His A**’: NBA Player Says He Beat Rioter Who Broke His Window. Here’s The Video.

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo
JR Smith #5 of the Cleveland Cavaliers reacts after narrowly missing a half court shot during warms ups prior to the game against the Atlanta Hawks at Quicken Loans Arena on October 21, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio.
Jason Miller/Getty Images

Former Cleveland Cavaliers guard JR Smith took to social media this weekend after apparently beating up a rioter who broke his truck window in Los Angeles.

The free agent acknowledged that there’s video of the beatdown, (which can be viewed below), and emphasized that he chased down the rioter after he allegedly attacked his truck. “This ain’t no hate crime,” he says in the video, making a reference to the rioter being white.

“Before y’all see this s*** somewhere else, one of these little mother f***ing white boys didn’t know where he was going, broke my f***ing window in my truck,” he says, “broke my s***.”

“This is a residential area, there wasn’t no stores over here, no none of that,” Smith continued. “I chased him down and whooped his a**.”

The NBA player again noted that the footage is out there, but said he has “no problem with nobody that ain’t got no problem with me.”

“So if the footage come out and y’all see it,” he said, “I chased him down and whooped his a**. He broke my window. This ain’t no hate crime. I ain’t got no problem with nobody that ain’t got no problem with me, it’s a problem with the mother f***ing system. That’s it.”

“The mother f***er broke my window and I whooped his a**,” Smith repeated. “He didn’t know whose window he broke, and he got his a** whooped.”

In the video of the altercation, the athlete is seen kicking the apparent rioter while he’s on the ground and landing a punch before the alleged rioter sprints away.

According to ESPN, Smith, 34, is a 15-year NBA veteran who played in 11 games for the Cavaliers last season and is yet to be on a roster this season.

Protests started to pop up across the nation on Tuesday over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a police officer had his knee on the 46-year-old’s neck during an arrest, according to a viral video.

“An eight-minute clip filmed by a person on the street shows Floyd telling police he can’t breathe and begging the cop on top of him to stop before he falls unconscious,” The Daily Wire reported Tuesday. “Officer Derek Chauvin was identified as the officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck outside Cup Foods on Chicago Avenue and East 38th Street.”

However, things quickly turned ugly; arson, looting, and violence spiked in places like Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City, Rochester, and other cities.

Since the incident, all four officers involved in the arrest have been fired, investigations from the FBI and state law enforcement have been opened, President Donald Trump has condemned the incident, and, on Friday, the officer at the center of the incident was taken into custody.

WATCH [WARNING: Strong Language]:

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