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‘I Love My White Male Privilege!’

YouTube political commentator Paul Joseph Watson just released a new video (above) tackling what he sees as the unjust burden heaped onto the shoulders of Caucasian men called “white male privilege.” His fiery rant has already racked up over 64 thousand views since its publication yesterday.

The term “white male privilege,” for those who don’t know, is what the Left defines as social, economic, and political advantages or rights made available to white men solely on the basis of their sex and race. The Left hurls that phrase at any white male who dares question with facts the validity of any of their insane stances.

“I love my white male privilege,” says Watson. “I love being made to feel collective white guilt for the slave trade even though whites were the first in the world to end the slave trade.”

He continues, repeating the phrase, “I love being made to feel collective white guilt for the slave trade,” and pointing out that:

-Whites were the first to encourage everyone else in the world to end the slave trade.

-The Islamic slave trade was far more brutal and lasted much longer.

-The Islamic slave trade murdered over 112 million black people.

-More whites were enslaved by Muslims than the number of blacks enslaved by whites.

-The slave trade was ended in the West as a result of the deaths of hundreds of thousands of white males.

-Only 1.4% of whites owned slaves as compared to 28% of free blacks who owned slaves.

Watson then goes on to hit colonialism, racism, sexism, and the reality of the downsides to being a male.

The always funny Gavin McInnes released a video back in July starring his “brother” Miles who’s “so full of white self-loathing that he’s even considering killing himself as a political act.” Until then, however, he’s asking all privileged white cis males like him to do the next best thing and photograph themselves lying face down. Click below for the most amazing embodiment of Leftism in one single character…


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