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‘I Am Cait’ Cancelled Because It Turns Out Nobody Cares

By  Chase Stephens

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner of the Kardashian Klan, has quickly gone from ESPN’s hero of the year to E! TV’s reality show waste basket honoree. Or as The Federalist perfectly put it, “Caitlyn Jenner’s ‘I Am Cait’ Show Now Identifies As Cancelled.”

According to a statement issued to Variety on Tuesday, the execs over at E! did their best to put a positive spin on the fact that Americans aren’t tuning in to watch this sad and boring trainwreck. “We are incredibly proud of the two seasons of ‘I Am Cait,’ a groundbreaking docu-series that sparked an important and unprecedented global conversation about transgender people, their struggles and triumphs. Caitlyn and E! have mutually decided not to move forward with another season at this time. She will always remain a part of the E! family, and we look forward to continue following her journey as she appears on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’”

Of course Variety called the show “important storytelling” but added that the reality is, “‘I Am Cait’ struggled to sustain an audience through its two seasons, after a hot fresh-out-of-the-gate debut in July 2015 that marked E!’s largest audience for a premiere in four years with 2.7 million viewers. The ratings dipped throughout Season 1, though the show still ranked as one of the top new cable series of the summer season, but Season 2 fell with the lowest-rated episode bringing in just 480,000 viewers.”

Jenner, who also served as Executive Producer on the show, tweeted about its demise:

As the Federalist points out, the former Olympic decathlon winner didn’t do himself any favors with his Republican political views on the show. Jenner defied leftist conventions by coming out in support of Sen. Ted Cruz, resulting in several people on the show reportedly wanting to quit. The controversy wasn’t only confined to the show, Jenner’s fellow trans activists were up in arms that one of their own would betray them by supporting a Republican.

Exit thought from Jean-Luc Picard who still wonders:

On your way out, here’s a clip of what the world will be denied once this show is gone forever:

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