HYPOCRITES: Leftists Tell Kanye To Shut Up And Rap


A few weeks ago, Fox News host Laura Ingraham found herself in hot water after tearing into NBA superstar Lebron James’ political musings. She told James to “shut up and dribble”; the media quickly tore into Ingraham, suggesting that her criticism was racist. The New York Times ran an entire piece titled, “’To Me, It Was Racist’: NBA Players Respond to Laura Ingraham’s Comments On Lebron James.”

Yet the same members of the media have essentially told Kanye West to shut up and sing thanks to his newfound love for President Trump. First, there was Jon Favreau, former Obama speechwriter, who said that West should be ignored:

Then there were the late-night comedians, who said that Kanye should stop talking politics (these pundits were apparently more than happy for Kanye to talk politics when he was calling George W. Bush racist).

These comedians included Stephen Colbert ripping Kanye for getting political (and then saying he’d burn a Trump hat), and Trevor Noah saying that Kanye only went Republican because he’s rich (how much money does Trevor Noah make again?).

Finally, there were commentators suggesting that Kanye’s mind had been hijacked by evil white people. Jordan Peele, creator of the massive hit Get Out, suggested that Kanye had gone to the “sunken place” – a psychological location in which black people are reduced to impotence while their bodies are hijacked for the uses of white people.

Then Jordan Klepper from Comedy Central’s The Opposition tweeted out a video of Nicole Thurman “seducing” Kanye to the right a la Catherine Keener in Get Out:

From one @jordanklepper to another: @niccolethurman started it for you last night. pic.twitter.com/cENFDbjnHl

— The Opposition (@TheOpposition) April 25, 2018

In the video, Thurman tries to brainwash black people: “The Left has been lying to us. We’re not stronger together, we’re stronger as individuals. You don’t have to be a Democrat. What has Barack Obama ever done for you?”

Kanye, you see, isn’t an independent thinker – he’s merely a tool of the evil white Republicans.

This wave of scorn from the Left for Kanye demonstrates once again that there are two sacrosanct areas that must never be touched by the outside, according to Democrats: the entertainment complex, and intersectional identity groups. Kanye violated both of those safe spaces. Thus he can be treated like an outcast, a fool, and a pawn. They can tell him to shut up and rap without consequences. The hypocrisy is stunning.

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