Former Obama Head Speechwriter: Please Ignore Kanye

On Wednesday, Barack Obama’s former speechwriter and “Pod Save America” host Jon Favreau took to Twitter to plead for people to ignore rapper Kanye West, who tweeted that although he and President Trump don’t always agree, he considers Trump his brother and admits that they “are both dragon energy.” If that weren’t enough to start leftists hyperventilating, West tweeted a photo of his signed MAGA cap.

Favreau has had a bee in his oversized bonnet for some time about Trump, and he wears elephantine blinders when he speaks of him, considering who his former boss was. In January, he stated, “It's all a day-to-day s***show there. … Is his shamelessness something that's inherent to Donald Trump, or are other Republicans and other politicians in general, even Democrats, going to look at that and say, 'Okay, well if he's shameless and he got away with all of that, can I be the same way?'”

“Shameless.” From Obama’s former speech writer.

After West issued his tweets, Favreau couldn’t help himself, apparently, eager to stop the deluge following West’s tweets and telling the world exactly what Favreau himself thought of President Trump:

That did it:

Of course, Favreau’s former boss had his own opinion of West:

Which Obama later doubled down on.

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