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How’s That ‘Sex And The City’ Star’s Campaign For NY Governor Going? Not So Great.

By  James Barrett

Former “Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon‘s campaign to take out two-term incumbent Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary appears to be reaching its inglorious end.

The recent polling data is not looking good for Nixon’s political aspirations, with Cuomo racking up more than twice as many votes as the actress — and widening the gap over the last few weeks.

A recent Siena College survey found Cuomo claiming 61% of the vote, while Nixon managed just 26%.

“The figures show Nixon — who launched her campaign in March — hasn’t gained any ground in the last two months,” the NY Post reports. “In fact,she lost a few steps.”

To be more precise, she lost about 4 steps. Back in April, the Siena College poll found Cuomo with a slightly less dominant lead of 58 to 27%.

When the pollsters dug a little deeper, they found that Cuomo is leading by an even wider margin among minorities: Black respondents choose Cuomo over Nixon by an overwhelming 74 – 17; Latinos favor him 69 – 23.

Nixon has also failed to get the female vote. In fact, women support the male incumbent even more than men: 63 – 27 and 58 – 27, respectively.

Nixon is most competitive in upstate New York, but still trails 39 – 47. Cuomo dominates in the suburbs (17 – 13) and in the city (63 – 23).

Meanwhile, the Post notes that the general election is looking slightly more competitive than in the past for the Republican candidate, but still not great. Cuomo leads the GOP’s Marc Molinaro 56 – 37. But if things unfold like they did in 2014, the race could significantly tighten in November.

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H/t Hot Air

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