Photo Op! Grinning Gov. Cuomo Plays Dead For Cameras, Leads Students In Gun Control Chants

Sometimes it's really hard not give into our inner cynic. In the case of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo's participation in the students' gun control march on Wednesday, it's downright impossible. Images of Cuomo grinning ear to ear for the solemn occasion, leading what are supposed to be student-led chants, and at one point playing dead for cameras, is just too much.

The governor's gleeful photo op was highlighted by the good-humored folks over at Twitchy, who provided some of the following tweets. To give a sense of just how much mileage the Democratic governor is getting out of exploiting the clearly astroturfed event, I've thrown in a few more images, including a classic photo bomb, and some additional footage of the chant-leading Cuomo — who was often joined by union leaders, including the president of the American Federation of Teachers Union, Randi Weingarten.

First, here are Cuomo and Weingarten joining the "Enough is Enough!" student die-in:

And here's Cuomo having a terrific time in front of the cameras:

Another shot of Cuomo celebrating the solemn demonstration:

Cuomo standing tall and proud above the crowd leading the chant!

Cuomo and another union leader guiding the "student-led" chants:

Cuomo and Weingarten declaring what they really want: "Gun Control!"

And finally, this perfect photo bomb by the grinning governor:


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