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Howard Stern Hot Mic: ‘I’m Going To Do Doctor Doom’ Over The Summer
Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky Stern attend the 33rd Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Public Auditorium on April 14, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio
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Howard Stern works just 112 days a year and takes two-plus months off in the summer.

But the radio shock jock is apparently set to do a little extra work over the next few months.

On his Wednesday show on SiriusXM, his final one before his break, someone left the microphones on after Stern signed off. Stern’s hot mic caught him talking about a heady project.

“They’re going over the schedule with me, and it’s going to suck,” said Stern. His co-host, Robin Quivers, asked him if he was doing anything over the summer. “I told you, I’m going to do Doctor Doom. That’s the thing. But believe me, I’m f*cking miserable about it … I called Robert Downey, Jr. and I was asking him acting techniques.”

At the time Stern, Quivers and other staffers were talking, commercials and promos played over the top of their conversation, with snippets coming through from time to time.

Listen to the clip on Twitter below.

As the Twitter clip ends, Stern can be heard asking, “Do you have a number for Jon?” Was he talking about director Jon Favreau, who has worked with Marvel Studios and Disney?

But hang on. Stern has been doing radio for forty-plus years, and he accidentally leaves his microphone on during a post-show discussion that included big news? He’s a showman and knows how to push buttons, so it all may have been a stunt, a way to leak it all out quietly.

And what’s more, he didn’t say he’s playing Dr. Doom, just that he’s “going to do Doctor Doom.”

But there does appear to be such a movie in the works.

“A report a few days ago claimed that Marvel might have already cast the MCU’s Doctor Doom without revealing the actor’s name,” BGR wrote on Monday. “Apparently, the suit has already been created and fitted, and Marvel might have shot some scenes featuring Doctor Doom and his bodyguards. If these rumors are accurate, Marvel has quietly filmed Doctor Doom scenes for ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.’ But the scenes were shot separately from the movie in an effort to keep the whole thing secret.”

“If everything pans out, Doctor Doom might appear in the MCU for the first time via a post-credits scene at the end of ‘Wakanda Forever.’ That’s very much in line with massive MCU villains popping up in those highly popular tag scenes,” the report said.

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