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How Many British Muslims Wouldn’t Report A Terror Plot To The Police? How Many Want Sharia? A Lot Apparently.

Two-thirds of British Muslims would not report somebody close to them who had links to terrorism, according to a new poll published by the Daily Express (UK). So much for moderate Muslims. “This alarming revelation suggests that more than 100,000 British Muslims could sympathise with suicide bombers and people who commit terrorist acts,” adds the Express.

The disturbing figures come as the British government doubles down on its “Prevent” counter-terrorism program aimed at seeking the assistance of Muslim communities to track down would-be jihadists.

It looks like Muslim immigrants in Britain are not nearly as assimilated as we once thought. Migrants from Islamic countries often have carry-on baggage in the form of anti-democratic and anti-Western values. Shocker!

The same poll revealed that over half of all British Muslims think homosexuality, the very act of gay sex, should be illegal in Britain. Another 23% want to tear down British common law and replace it with Islamic Sharia. Moreover, 39% believe that wives should always, without exception, obey the commands of their husbands; 31% of Muslim also believed that men (not women of course) should be legally permitted to practice polygamy and marry more than one wife.

The polls clearly demonstrate “the unacknowledged creation of a nation within the nation, with its own geography, its own values and its own very separate future,” stated Trevor Phillips, former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. As a result, Britain needs to rethink its approach to Muslim immigrants, replacing failing multicultural programs with a “muscular approach to integration, added the chairman.

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