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HOT MIC: NBC Reporter Mutters Profanity During Report On Trump ‘Transition’
Ken Dilanian
Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

On Tuesday, as he was interviewed by MSNBC’s Craig Melvin regarding the transition between the Trump administration and a possible Joe Biden administration, NBC News correspondent Ken Dilanian was caught on a hot mic muttering, “Oh, sh**. F***.”

Melvin stated, “Ken Dilanian has some new reporting on something that we talked about at the top of the hour: how the Trump administration is handling the transition with the incoming Biden team — or not handling it, we should say, to a certain extent. This time, it involves our intelligence community. Ken, what have you learned, sir?”

Dilanian, looking down at his phone, “Oh, sh**. F***.”

A pause.

“Okay. I think we lost Ken for a second,” says Melvin. “We’ll try to get him back there.”

Later, Melvin tried again, saying, “We want to try to get back to NBC’s Ken Dilanian with some breaking news; we were having some technical difficulties a few moments ago. Ken’s got some reporting on how the Trump administration is handling the transition with the Biden team, specifically with our intelligence community. Ken, what have you learned?”

Dilanian: “Hey, Craig, I want to sincerely apologize to viewers who may have heard me use profanity at the top of the last hit, but what we’re learning today is the potential impact of the resistance of the Trump administration to acknowledge the Biden win in the intelligence community specifically.”

Dilanian later offered another apology on Twitter, writing. “So sorry for the profanity I used on air last hour. I was experiencing some technical difficulties and mistakenly hung up on the control room, though my mic still was on. Perils of playing producer, cameraman and tech support all at the same time from home. #2020.”

Dilanian’s partisanship was in evidence only the day before his slip-up, when he tweeted: “As Trump’s legal challenges fizzle in the courts, how long before he and his allies start going after judges and the legal system? At what point will they stop trying to undermine American institutions?”

Dilanian may have forgotten that it is Democrats, not President Trump and the GOP, who have threatened to pack the Supreme Court after Justice Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court.

After the election, Dilanian protested that the media only reports the winner of the presidential election after the results have “become extremely clear,” tweeting: “The news media doesn’t decide who wins elections. It reports what the American people have decided after enough votes are counted that the results become extremely clear.”

On October 30, Dilanian defended the media not reporting on the Hunter Biden emails, asserting, “Why isn’t the media reporting on the Hunter emails? We can’t be sure they haven’t been doctored. What’s been out so far doesn’t prove wrongdoing. The Hunter influence peddling story has been well told. Trump’s family is accused of worse ethical breaches.”

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