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HORROR: Illegal Immigrant Repeatedly Rapes 7-Year-Old American Girl, Blames ‘Black Magic’

By  Ryan Saavedra

Late last week, authorities charged a Mexican national illegally in the United States with multiple felonies stemming from the alleged rape of a 7-year-old girl in Indiana.

Officials charged 24-year-old Huber Morales with “five counts of child molesting – two counts as level one felonies and three as level four felonies,” the Daily Mail reported.

Morales allegedly touched the young girl on multiple occasions and repeatedly raped her and told investigators that it wasn’t his fault because “strong black magic” was being used against him.

The child Morales is accused of sexually attacking told investigators that he touched her genitals “a lot of times.” The sexual abuse was first reported after the victim was taken to the hospital at the beginning of the month for genital herpes, at which point she told a nurse that she was molested by him.

Morales, who had his bond set at $100,000, was ordered to not contact the victim and is expected back in court towards the end of February.

The story comes after reports earlier this week that an illegal alien Uber driver in California named Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez was arrested and charged with allegedly raping several intoxicated women.

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