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Homosexual Christians Doing Just What Jesus Wants By Waiting to Have Homosexual Sex Until After Homosexual Marriage

By  Chase Stephens

Staying celibate before marriage is an antiquated notion these days because skyrocketing STDs, 3,000 abortions a day, above 50% divorce rates, and millions of fatherless children have taught us that we know better than previous generations. But one group of Americans is boldly standing for abstinence until marriage: homosexual Christians. The problem: some in the gay community, particularly the religious, are finding it difficult to maintain their abstinence before marriage because of a lack of support from the homosexual community.

Via Yahoo Health:

A recent article in The Atlantic reported how hard it is for gay people with deep religious beliefs and affiliations to remain virgins until they marry. It was a topic that didn’t really exist before the marriage equality movement gained steam.

The Atlantic interviewed Julie Kerr, the daughter of a Baptist minister. She grew up as a Christian who wanted to wait until marriage to have sex. When she was a teen, she realized the person she imagined she’d wait for was a woman.

Kerr, a 33-year-old barista from Oakland, Calif., told The Atlantic, “It’s mainly through [my faith] that I felt a calling to wait until marriage, or waiting until I meet the love of my life. For me, the love of my life is definitely going to be a woman.”

Unlike many heterosexual young people who take a purity pledge at balls before their families and congregations, gay and lesbian people who believe in waiting until marriage rarely have the support of fundamentalist religious groups that embrace neither their sexuality nor their right to marry.

It’s hard to stay chaste, but it’s even harder when you have to travel that road alone, says Jonathan Alpert, a Manhattan psychotherapist with a large gay and lesbian practice.

“I think it’s hard for all people to wait for marriage unless they have a strong religious motivation to do so,” Alpert told Yahoo Health. “If they have the support of their religion or church, it makes it easier.”

But it seems that the majority are not waiting at all.

Shara Sand, a New York City psychologist who works with many lesbians, says there are none in her practice who are “waiting for marriage or even talking about it.” Then again, Sand said in an email to Yahoo Health, “I don’t know many straight women waiting either.”

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