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‘Homeland’ Season Premiere Features ‘Paranoid,’ ‘Fascist’ President

By  Joseph Curl

Wanna’ watch TV without politics in your favorite show? Sorry, come back — never.

Politics has infused everything — late-night comedy shows, prime-time dramas and sitcoms, even Sunday football. The very liberal media, owned by very liberal people living in very liberal cities, have decided that they just don’t care about the 60 million-plus Americans who don’t think like them.

That same mainstream media have been, of late, praising North Korean dictator’s Kim Jong Un’s sister, saying she stared down U.S. Vice President Mike Pence at the Olympics in South Korea. So it makes perfect sense that a new TV show would decry President Trump as a “fascist.”

On Sunday, the season premiere of “Homeland” — subtly titled “Enemy of the State” — followed up on last season’s finale in which the fictional president, Elizabeth Keane, ordered the arrest of 200 U.S. intelligence agents for allegedly being connected to her attempted assassination.

“Wrapping up an hour that established President Keane (Elizabeth Marvel) as a ‘fascist,’ the first episode’s final seconds pushed her iron fist even further: General McClendon (Robert Knepper), who committed treason by plotting to kill President Keane at the end of Season 6, is dishonorably discharged and sentenced to life in prison,” IndieWire reports. “But the president thinks he’s getting off too easy and tells her chief of staff David Wellington (Linus Roache) to ‘fix it’ — implying from earlier conversations that she wants her original wishes carried out: She wants McClendon dead, and Wellington makes it happen.”

Take this dialogue, compiled by Newsbusters.

Wellington: Well, I’m not sure going after him directly was the best move.

Keane: He openly challenged me. What was I supposed to do?

Wellington: Well, you might’ve stuck to the script.

Keane: I had to respond.

Wellington: Senator Paley was on CNB this morning, calling your leadership style “thuggish” and “authoritarian.” No one’s doubting how tough you are.

Keane: Good.

Wellington: Which makes it exactly the right time to throttle back a little, take your foot off the gas.

Keane: Not yet.

Wellington: Elizabeth—

Keane: I said not yet.

Wellington: Can I give you a quick brief?

Keane: Sure.

Wellington: Paley’s Committee is about to issue its first round of subpoenas to senior White House staff, including myself.

Keane: I know that, David.

Wellington: There’s talk of a special prosecutor.

Keane: I know that, too. How is it they tried to assassinate me, and I am the one under investigation?

Wellington: Because we locked up over 200 of their best friends and neighbors.

Keane: Yeah, for damn good reasons.

Wellington: Kept them for nearly two months. Some would say denied their civil rights.

Keane: That was the other reason — send a message. “Don’t f[***] with us ever again.”

Wellington: Yeah, well, I think they got that loud and clear.

Keane: Well, we’ll see. Won’t we? When the jury comes back with the appropriate sentence.

Wellington: They will.

Keane: They better.

If you’re at all weirded out by the fact that America’s media are praising a vicious dictator while portraying their own president as fascist, well, welcome to the club.

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