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Hollywood Voice Actor Mocks Death Threats Against Covington Kids: ‘You Reap What You Sow’

On Tuesday, a Hollywood actor who has supplied the voices for characters in numerous television animated series decided to weigh in on the controversy involving the kids from Covington Catholic High School and Native American man Nathan Phillips by targeting the boys on Twitter after it was reported they had received death threats, writing, “I’ve never in my life said ‘Well, those are well-deserved death threats.’, but I’ve also learned to never say never… #fuckthempunkasswhitekids.”

John Dimaggio then followed his initial tweet by adding, “I’m not saying death threats are ok, but you reap what you sow. That’s my point. PUNK ASS KIDS KNEW EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE DOING. And I did see the video. Israelites? We deal with them in NYC on the street all the time, shouting their shit. So what? Those kids? #glasshouses.”

According to some of the boys from Covington Catholic, death threats have been only part of the horrific abuse they have received. Appearing on The Ben Shapiro Show on Monday, one student went into great detail summarizing the numerous threats the boys, their parents and their school have received :

Yes, so the effect on our community has been great. I mean, we’re from a small town, I mean it’s been horrible. That’s what I meant. We come from like a smaller town in Kentucky so we’re not really used to like this media attention. So we’ve been getting school shooting threats, school bomb threats, vandalism of our buildings, people have gone out and said they’re going to slash our tires and break our school windows. We’ve have threats saying that it’s best if the students at CovCat are locked in the school and set on fire. We’ve had tweets saying that we should be raped by clergy members. We’ve had every sort of threat that we should be thrown in woodchippers. I mean, we’ve been several doxxing of minors.

They’ve been calling sponsors. So they put the numbers out of all of our sponsors and they’ve been calling our sponsors up. Our parents’ careers: They’ve been calling our parents’ jobs. School and personal reputation: So our school has a great reputation and in our community and abroad, and especially with colleges too. So, they’ve attacked our reputation. Colleges and careers aspirations: this is going to be kind of like a little blemish, like if we say where we’re from, they’re going to be like, “oh, you’re associated with this.” And then on us, just personally, just scared to go to school. Not many high school students have to live through the threat of saying, “It’s best if you guys are all locked in a school and set on fire.” I mean, just imagine that. This is awful. We’ve had police guards at our school and just going to school on Tuesday, a lot of us are kind of a little fearful. And just out in the community, wearing our school colors, wearing our school attire, what people are going to say to us, and how people are going to act to us.

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