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‘HOLD YOUR FIRE’: Hannity Tells Viewers To Stop Destroying Their Keurig Coffee Makers After Ad Flap

By  Emily Zanotti

Sean Hannity says he’s accepted an apology from the CEO of Keurig and that his dedicated, supportive viewers should “hold their fire” and stop destroying the company’s instant coffee machines.

Over the weekend, Keurig caved to a Media Matters-led pressure campaign and pulled advertising from Sean Hannity’s radio and television shows following Hannity’s interview with embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. Media Matters claimed, to Keurig and others, that Hannity had spoken out in support of Moore, and that Hannity had urged viewers to accept what Media Matters CEO Angelo Carusone called, “child molestation.”

But now Keurig, according to Hannity, acknowledges that they were misled by a group that has a “radical agenda” they weren’t aware of. Apparently, Keurig took Media Matters’ claims at face value, particularly as hundreds of Twitter followers bombarded Keurig’s corporate account demanding to know why Keurig supported Moore against allegations of sexual harassment.

After Keurig realized they’d been hoodwinked, they re-instated their advertising campaign. Keurig announced the change Monday afternoon.

If you happen to be one of the Hannity fans who smashed their Keurig in anger by dropping it off a second floor balcony or beating it to death with a nine iron — and your now coffee-less self regrets the decision — Hannity says he’s working on a plan to help replace your deceased appliance.

Word is that Hannity is looking to buy around 500 Keurig machines to help soothe both his angry viewers and his coffeemaker advertiser.

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