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Hillary’s List Of Cabinet Picks Revealed, Including Black Person To Be Named Later

According to Mike Allen at, Hillary Clinton’s team had very specific choices for Cabinet positions if she had been elected, with one quite interesting aspect: because of the paucity of blacks in the prospective Cabinet, the EPA and Education jobs were listed as “Likely an African American.”

Here’s how Allen, who spoke with members of the Clinton campaign, delineated whom Clinton would have picked:

  • Secretary of State: John Podesta, Bill Burns, Joe Biden
  • Deputy Secretary of State: Kurt Campbell, Wendy Sherman
  • Treasury Secretary: Sheryl Sanderg, Lael Brained
  • Defense Secretary: Michèle Floury
  • Attorney General: Loretta Lynch retained, Jennifer Granholm, Jamie Gorelick, Tom Perez
  • Commerce Secretary: Gregory Meeks, Sheryl Sandberg, Terry McAuliffe
  • Labor: Howard Schultz
  • HHS: Neera Tanden
  • Energy Secretary: Carol Browner
  • Education Secretary: Jennifer Granholm, John Sexton
  • EPA: Likely an African American (and/or at Education)
  • Budget Director: Gene Sperling
  • U.N Ambassador: Tom Nides, Wendy Sherman, Bill Burns
  • Director of National Intelligence: Tom Donilon
  • CIA Director: Tom Donilon, Mike Morell

Others listed were

  • SEC Chair: Gary Gentler
  • White House Chief of Staff: Ron Klain
  • Deputy Chief of Staff: Huma Abedin
  • Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations: Sara Latham
  • Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy: Maya Harris
  • National Security Adviser: Jake Sullivan

Clinton, the Democratic Party and the left make a habit of championing diversity, but it seems that the prospective Clinton Administration was only paying lip service to that idea. This is certainly grist for the mill, considering the widespread criticism of Donald Trump from the left for the color of his selections for his Cabinet.

It is also hilarious to note that Clinton was held up as a champion of diversity during the campaign. Check this out, where her supposed diversity was supposed to be indicative of how her Cabinet would look:

Bernie is clearly committed to the equality and rights of all people – and yet only Hillary’s campaign reflects one run by all sorts of people. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate in the 2016 election – on either side, mind you – who is running a truly diverse and inclusive campaign. That matters. That matters because the structure of a candidate’s campaign is the only sneak-peek we have into what a candidate’s executive branch may look like. That matters because putting hiring practices into place that actually shoot to solve some of the long-standing representational issues in politics is a sneak-peek into how effective someone might be at doing so nationwide.

Or this:

The hypocrisy is astounding.