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Hilarious Video Shows What Was Happening In Lawrence O’Donnell’s Ear Piece During His Meltdown

The internet is abuzz with the leaked footage of crackpot MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell’s epic meltdown from his show that nobody can believe is still on air.

One of the best versions of the clip was created by Redditor AltairEgos who writes, “I did a voiceover on what happened with Lawrence O’Donnell’s ear piece during his melt down.”

Click below for the hilarious attention to detail. (Warning: some strong language)

Not to be outdone, the good folks over at the Washington Free Beacon put out their own chuckle-inducing version, pitting O’Donnell against Bill O’Reilly in a legendary scream off titled,”What really happened the night Lawrence O’Donnell melted down.”

(Again, warning: strong language ahead)

Rumors are swirling that MSNBC may be petitioning to change their name to Comedy Central as most viewers find themselves pointing at the screen and laughing during most of their broadcasts.

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