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HILARIOUS POLL RESULT: You’ll Never Guess Dem Voters’ Preferred Candidate in 2020

By  Hank Berrien

In a hilarious result (at least if you’re a member of the GOP or a conservative), a new poll asked Democrat voters which well-known Democrat would be their preferred 2020 Democratic Party presidential nominee. Given the choice offered by the Hill.TV American Barometer poll among former vice-president Joe Biden, 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, New Jersey senator Cory Booker, California senator Kamala Harris and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, the answer that was most popular with voters was — drum roll, please —

“None of the above.”

That was a choice offered the voters, and out of 680 voters, “none of the above” was the clear winner, garnering 204 votes, almost one-third of the total. The runner up was Biden, with 168 votes; Bernie Sanders scooped up 123 votes; Clinton received 80, and the others were bunched together; Harris got 28; Bloomberg got 27; Warren got 26, and Booker got 24.

That roughly one-third of the total for “none of the above” held for both men and women; among men, of the 313 votes cast, “none of the above” received 100 votes; among women of the 367 votes cast, “none of the above” won 104 votes. Sanders finished second among men, closely followed by Biden, but Biden finished second among women, more than doubling the percentage of Sanders and Clinton.

Among voters aged 18-34, Sanders finished first, ahead of “none of the above,” with 33% of the vote. “None of the above” received 24%, while Biden and Clinton tied at 14%.

On Tuesday, Reuters reported that a Reuters/Ipsos Election Day opinion poll found Biden the preferred candidate among Democrats; he received 29% of the votes, followed by Sanders with 22%, and then a virtual tie Booker, Warren, and Harris. The poll found that in a hypothetical match with President Trump, Biden led 51%-39%, and Sanders, Booker and Harris would also defeat Trump in the popular vote.

On Tuesday, The Washington Post conducted an exit poll asking Democrat voters whim they preferred to see as the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee. Biden got 32% of the vote; Sanders received 15% of the vote; Warren, Bloomberg and Harris got 10% of the vote. Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke got 9% of the vote; Booker got 7% of the vote, and New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Colorado governor John Hickenlooper got 2% of the vote. Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti was listed, but he received 0% of the vote.

Real Clear Politics (RCP) pointed out that the suburbs may be the key to winning in 2020. RCP wrote:

Nearly 50 percent of the electorate is suburban, which this year was evenly split between Republicans and Democrats — at 49 percent each — according to the National Election Poll, the exit poll of almost 19,000 respondents often cited by the national media. For the last two decades, suburban voters have leaned slightly Republican, as was the case in 2016 when Donald Trump outpolled Hillary Clinton by four percentage points. In contrast, urban voters supported Democrats by a 33-point margin in this year’s midterms, while Republicans carried rural areas by 14 points.

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