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Here’s The REAL Reason Israel Bombed Syria

By  Emily Zanotti

Overnight, Israel targeted a Syrian air base with a series of missile attacks in Homs province. Despite being a mild offensive, the operation drew immediate reprimands from Vladimir Putin and from Iran — several Iranians were reportedly among the 14 dead from the attack.

The attacks are nothing new. Israel admits to around 100 such attacks since 2012, and they typically target Hezbollah forces, which helps the Syrian army and its leader Bashar Assad by providing weapons to troops lurking along Syria and Israel’s shared border. This time, however, as Amos Yadlin, the executive director for national security studies at Tel Aviv University pointed out on Twitter, the target wasn’t Hezbollah — it was Iran.

Iran is determined, Yadlin explained, to get a foothold within striking distance of Israel’s border.

That said, Yadlin points out, Israel was very careful about its timing. The attacks followed closely after Assad unleashed chemical weapons in a horrific attack, leading the Syrians to believe the U.S. was engaging in a military response. And, Yadlin says, it is true that chemical weapons were the target of the attack, but that Israel was likely conducting a multi-target endeavor.

Syria is a difficult conflict to manage, largely because a number of nation states have ulterior motives in controlling Syria’s land. It’s a strategically enviable location for Islamic radicals looking to attack Israel directly, it has significant resources, and actions within Syria cement some terrifying alliances.

Assad may be closer to crushing his rebellion, NBC News reports, because of help from Iran and Hezbollah, and now, also, from Russia — hence why Israel’s attack Monday morning drew swift condemnation from the Kremlin, and not just from the Mullahs.

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