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Hate Crime Hoax: She Claimed Racial Targeting After Her Door Was Egged. Police Say She Egged It Herself.
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A black student at Wayne State University in Michigan claimed she was the target of two separate acts of vandalism based on the color of skin has been identified as the primary suspect in those acts.

The College Fix reported that a police report it obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request showed the WSU Police Department said it spent “at minimum 200 man hours” investigating Zoriana Martinez’s claims and now views her as the primary suspect.

Martinez claimed in videos posted to Instagram that someone threw eggs at her dorm door on February 16 and March 1. She also claimed her LGBT Pride sticker was torn down and a photo of her dog was stolen. She said she was targeted “all because [she was] a black person living in their space.”

Following the extensive investigation, police now suspect Martinez was behind the attacks, or, at the very least, they were not racially motivated.

“There are absolutely no indicators of any racial intent,” police wrote in the report, which did not name a police officer or investigator for the case.

From the Fix:

The April 23 police report said that “a few potential suspects were uncovered,” including the “complainant [redacted]” or an “unnamed girlfriend or boyfriend [redacted].”

The complainant is most likely Martinez. She did not respond to an emailed request for comment on June 9 from The Fix to ask her if she egged her own door or if she had any idea on who it could have been.

An unidentified person “refuses to provide information,” according to the report. The conclusions reached include that eyewitnesses to the event are possibly “non-existent” and “the complainant has made many enemies on campus” but none of the enemies have to do with the complainant’s “race or sexual identity.”

The police report added that it was Martinez’s own peers – in organizations that support her lifestyle choices – that questioned her claims. The report also noted that Martinez had a motive to make the allegations in an effort to break her lease for unknown reasons, though the report mentioned it had something to do with a dog.

WSU also denied that Martinez was “forcibly removed” from her dorm, as she claimed, even though she claimed she had the incident on camera.

“From a strictly evidentiary perspective, my conclusion is that this incident most likely didn’t occur as narrated,” the police report said, according to the Fix. “The evidence concludes that absent any direct evidence any further time or effort expended on this matter would bear fruitless.”

This is just the latest example of someone claiming to be the victim of a hate crime who may have perpetrated the “crime” themselves. As The Daily Wire has previously reported a black female student sent racist messages to members of a black female student group at White Bear Lake High School. Earlier this month, The Daily Wire reported that a student claimed she was the target of racist incidents, including a fire that was started next to her room, but video footage from the dorm showed she set the fire.

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