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Hate Crime Hoax: Racist Messages Sent To Black Female Students Were Sent By A Black Female Student
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Last month, female students of color at White Bear Lake High School South Campus in Minnesota were invited into a group chat on Instagram where they were sent threatening and racist messages. Hundreds of students walked out of class to protest the messages, and messages of condemnation were sent by school administrators.

As The Daily Wire reported earlier this month, Superintendent Wayne Kazmierczak sent a statement to the White Bear Lake community calling the incident a “hoax.” This determination came after an investigation that included the FBI and local law enforcement found a single student was behind the incident.

Because of Kazmierczak’s statement, which included a comment about the student posing “no threat to our students of color,” it was plausibly assumed that a student of color was behind the incident, as has been the case in nearly every other alleged incident of hate on campus.

Now it has been confirmed that a black female created the group, according to police reports obtained by The College Fix.

The school district did not release the race of the student behind the hoax, but the police reports confirm the student was a member of the Black Excellence Club, whose members were invited into the group chat to receive the hateful messages. Most of the messages were too vile to print, but included “GET HANGED. DIE. KILL YOURSELF” and “That’s why George Floyd died can’t wait until everyone your color leaves like that.”

Floyd died on May 25, 2020, following a police encounter. His death sparked riots across the country, resulting in billions of dollars of property damage.

Police determined that the person who created the group was a member of the club but initially could not confirm she was also the one who sent the racist messages. Tech forensics, however, showed that the messages were sent from an IP address at the girl’s home address.

“What’s more, the unidentified black girl told a White Bear Lake police officer that she could not tell her friends that she created the account but did not send the messages because ‘they’re not stupid,’” the Fix reported.

Despite the outrage and hurt this hoax caused to the White Bear Lake community, the perpetrator will not face any criminal charges. Had the perpetrator turned out to be white, one can expect criminal charges would be filed.

“The case as presented by law enforcement did not warrant criminal charges,” Ramsey County prosecutor’s office spokesperson Dennis Gerhardstein told the Fix.

Another student involved in the hoax will also not be charged, according to the Fix. This student lied to police and the assistant principal about not sending the messages.

“An official with the police department said it did not press for charges for several reasons, including because the officer did not read the suspect her Miranda rights and because they did not think it was worth pursuing charges,” the Fix reported.

As The Daily Wire’s Chrissy Clark previously reported, a white female student had been initially accused of sending the messages.

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