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Harvey Weinstein Now Faces LIFE IN PRISON After NYC D.A. Files Second Round Of Charges

By  Emily Zanotti

Powerhouse Hollywood producer, million-dollar Democratic donor, and accused sexual predator Harvey Weinstein now faces life in prison, after the New York City District Attorney filed a second round of charges Monday, including a charge for Criminal Sexual Act in the First Degree — forcible rape.

According to Deadline, Weinstein is already facing a host of charges issued by a grand jury in May, including allegations criminal sexual behavior and an initial charge of rape, but today’s charges include a class A-1 felony charge,and two counts of “Predatory Sexual Assault.”

The new charges add decades to his already potential sentence of 25 years, leaving Weinstein facing life in prison for his lifetime of alleged sexual crimes. The class A-1 felony alone carries a potential sentence of life in prison.

“A Manhattan Grand Jury has now indicted Harvey Weinstein on some of the most serious sexual offenses that exist under New York’s Penal Law,” Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. told reporters in a press conference Monday morning. “This indictment is the result of the extraordinary courage exhibited by the survivors who have come forward. Our investigation continues. If you are a survivor of the predatory abuse with which Mr. Weinstein is charged, there is still time to pursue justice.”

The new charges stem from the testimony of a third victim who reportedly told the New York City grand jury that Weinstein forcibly raped her in 2006.

Weinstein is currently free on a million dollar bond, but only for charges levied against him in New York. Deadline reports that Weinstein is under a federal investigation, and that prosecutors in L.A. and London are considering their own charges for alleged sexual crimes committed in their respective districts.

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