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Harvard University Introduces 16-Credit ‘Social Justice’ Graduate Certificate

Harvard University has a new program, Campus Reform reports, and it’ll take you from a mere “social justice warrior” to “Harvard Certified Social Justice Warrior” in 16 credits, one and a half years, and a grand total of around $10,000.

The college watchdog site reports that the Harvard Extension School — Harvard’s hybrid continuing education program — is offering students the ability to be fully Harvard certified during the 2017-2018 school year, by taking courses like “Chocolate, Culture, and the Politics of Food,” “The Culture of Capitalism,” “Storytelling and Global Justice,” “The Minimum Wage Debate,” “The Politics of Religion in Liberal Democracies,” and “Readings in Black Radicalism.”

There are no course requirements; the school merely asks that you fulfill the 16 credits, focusing on classes that discuss “economic and policy issues.” At the end of the indoctrination program, students will earn their Social Justice Certificate, which doesn’t appear applicable to any sort of full-time employment, but will cost students an estimated $10,000 anyway.

The program sells itself as a way for students to gain general knowledge in the field of social justice. “Through this liberal arts graduate certificate, you’ll learn about core themes of social justice, including philosophy, economics, the environment, religion, politics, ethics, sociology, and law,” the website reads.

At least you’ll be able to say you were accredited at Harvard on your resume (though the Harvard Extension School is an offshoot of Harvard University, and classes are taken mostly online).

Several other schools, including Loyola University of Chicago offer similar programs.

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