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Harris Claims Giuliani Has ‘Broken Many Laws’, Can’t Name Any
Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) speaks during the Democratic Presidential Debate at Otterbein University on October 15, 2019 in Westerville, Ohio.
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Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris claimed during a Friday interview on CNN that Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani had “broken many laws,” but, when pressed on what specific laws she thinks that he has broken, Harris struggled to give any examples.

Harris appeared on “Anderson Cooper 360°” where she was asked about recent reports alleging that Giuliani is under federal investigation over his business dealings in Ukraine after two men that he was allegedly connected to were arrested by federal authorities.

After Harris claimed that Giuliani had “broken many laws,” Cooper asked her: “What are the specific laws you believe Giuliani has broken or may have broken?”

“Well, I, I, I don’t know,” Harris answered. “We’re going to find out.”


Harris’ remarks come as she has struggled in the polls, standing at only 5.4% according to the RealClearPolitics average.

CNN reported at the start of the month that Harris planned to “restructure her struggling presidential campaign,” adding that the moves “represent the clearest sign to date that Harris, who has seen her poll numbers consistently fall over the last three months, feels changes are needed to jumpstart her presidential bid and streamline an operation that one source said has been bogged down by bureaucratic hurdles.”

Harris’ latest attempt to stay relevant in the news has been calling for Twitter to ban President Donald Trump, which almost certainly will not happen.

Partial transcript of Harris’ interview on CNN:

COOPER: First of all, just what’s your reaction to this latest reporting about Giuliani trying to override the Ukraine embassy and the State Department to get a visa for this former prosecutor?

HARRIS: Yes. Anderson, it’s further evidence of corruption by this administration, and the personal attorney of the president of the United States clearly implicitly being given permission to act as though he is an arm of the government and the State Department. And it’s a violation of an extraordinary number of rules and ethical laws about what – who should do what. And I’m just glad to see the process is beginning to really do the investigation into Rudy Giuliani. He has clearly broken many laws.

And, you know, I was listening to the report as you were playing it. And it also raises for me questions about, again, who knew what in the administration. As I’ve been thinking about it, clearly, there are questions to be asked of the chief of staff. We have talked about Mick Mulvaney, but I frankly think that we should also be asking of John Kelly and Reince Priebus, because clearly, for a long time now, we’ve been talking about bad behaviors coming from the administration and coming from the desk of the President of the United States.

COOPER: What are there specific laws you believe Giuliani has broken or may have broken?

HARRIS: Well, I, I, I don’t know. We’re going to find out. But I don’t – I think the range includes not only abuse of power and perhaps misstatement and mischaracterization of his role and responsibilities, but I also really do wonder just instinctively whether there’s been bribery associated with Giuliani’s conduct. I think there are a number of questions to be asked. And once the facts are transparent and have been available for Congress at the very beginning to see, I think we’ll know the laws that have been broken.

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