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Hard-Left Israel Paper Haaretz Publishes Piece Calling Israeli Government ‘Alt-Right’

By  Hank Berrien

On Monday, in keeping with its anti-Israel perspective which it has promulgated since its inception, the hard-left Israeli newspaper Haaretz published an op-ed by none other than Diana Buttu, a former advisor to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who maleficently (and stupidly) called the Israeli government “alt-right.”

Forget the fact that one of the core principles of the alt-right is its anti-Semitism, making Buttu’s charge patently ridiculous, especially in light of the fact that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s stewardship preserving the Jewish state and the Jews within it in the face of former president Barack Obama’s machinations against it was nothing short of extraordinary; Buttu then complacently repeats the long-standing canard that Israel is an apartheid state, citing Israel’s “nearly 51 years of military occupation and the denial of freedom.”

Occupation of what? Land that has been the homeland of the Jewish people for 3,500 years?

How much does Buttu want Israel gone? Try this: “It is easy for Israel to celebrate. It’s gotten what it wants: land, international recognition, a quisling Palestinian leadership that maintains security for Israel and barely a whisper of condemnation from world powers.”

Right. The same Palestinian leadership that pays the families of terrorists killing Jews surely wants to “maintain security for Israel.”

Buttu complains, “Israel’s establishment seven decades ago came at the expense of the Palestinians. 75 percent of the Palestinian population were expelled from Palestine, unable to return.” As Joan Peters pointed out in her heavily-documented tome, “From Time Immemorial,” most of the Palestinian refugees of 1948 who fled the coastal area were not, as the Palestinians claim, inhabitants of the land “from time immemorial,” but economic migrants who eventually returned to their original homes after the founding of the state of Israel.

Buttu, while repeating the Palestinian narrative, ignores the fact that 850,000 Jews left Arab countries and Iran in the 20th century because of anti-Semitism.

How many Arab states are Judenrein?

Buttu claims that Israel’s settlers have “terrorized an entire captive population” in Hebron and across the occupied West Bank. Tell that to Jewish students murdered in Hebron while they were dancing from the Cave of the Patriarchs to Beit Hadassah. Tell that to the Fogel family in Itamar that was butchered in their home by a Palestinian terrorist, a father, mother and three children, with their two-year-old son found lying next to his bleeding parents, shaking them with his hands and trying to get them to wake them up while he was crying.

Buttu concludes, “After years of U.S. coddling, I am under no illusions that the Trump administration, which openly supports Israel’s alt-right government, will do anything. Rather, the change will come only after the rest of the world – whether through the BDS movement or otherwise – makes clear to Israel (and the U.S.) that it will no longer tolerate apartheid.”

The day the Palestinians want peace, there will be peace.

Not a day before.

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