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Hammer-Wielding New York City Teens Attack 67-Year-Old Man
WAUKESHA, WI - NOVEMBER 21: Police and emergency personnel work on a crime scene on November 21, 2021 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. According to reports, an SUV drove through pedestrians at a holiday parade, killing at least one and injuring 20 more. (Photo by Jim Vondruska/Getty Images)
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Following a confrontation at a Brooklyn bus stop, a group of teenagers — one of whom wielded a hammer — assaulted a 67-year-old man.

The incident occurs as New York City witnesses a persistent crime wave.

The New York Post reports:

Footage of the incident on the B6 bus in East Flatbush obtained by The Post shows one of the group yelling at the older man as a woman tries to keep them separated.

“Get off the bus!” the woman tells them repeatedly in the video. The older man begins to walk away before turning back and walking toward the door.

One of the kids then throws something at the man, who darts off the bus only to find himself facing off with one of the teens, who pulls out a hammer. The man is soon surrounded by the group, who all start taking swings at him, including the boy with the hammer.

“You’re gonna kill him!” one woman on the bus screams, as others can be heard crying in the background. The clip cuts off right as one of the assailants moves to kick the senior citizen from behind as he reels on the ground.

An NYPD spokeswoman told the outlet that the suspects are unknown and at large, while the victim endured a cut on the head from the hammer.

As The Daily Wire previously reported, New York City is seeing a sustained increase in violent crime. Monthly felony assaults in the city have risen year-over-year by 15%, while murder has increased by 42% over the past two years.

Last month, a New York City man who was out on bail for possession of an illegal firearm and was on parole for a prior gun crime conviction approached a random 13-year-old boy and shot him in the neck. NYPD Assistant Chief Kenneth Lehr noted that law enforcement has seen similar incidents — and that it “should not have happened.”

Weeks earlier, a woman waiting for help from a tow truck was shot in the leg as two rival tow truck companies fought over her vehicle. “I’m lucky that bullet didn’t take my life,” she said after the incident. “I don’t know what this world is coming to.”

Leadership in the Big Apple, however, appear to have misallocated priorities.

On Wednesday night, police in Queens arrested four individuals who were participating in an anti-vaccine mandate sit-in at an Applebee’s. Footage shows multiple officers handling the diners, who attempted to order food from the restaurant.

“Activists in New York City are being arrested for engaging in sit-ins at restaurants that refuse to serve them on account of vaccine status,” New York Young Republicans Club president and GETTR global marketing director Gavin Wax explained to The Daily Wire. “So while the city is arresting people for wanting to eat a burger indoors they continue to let violent career criminals walk free with desk appearance tickets. This is Anarcho-tyranny exemplified in America’s largest city.”

The rise in violent crime is causing headaches for New York City’s largest employers. In order to avoid a surge in assaults, Bank of America recently warned their employees to “dress down” while commuting to work. Days earlier, Goldman Sachs chief executive David Solomon said that New York City may lose its status as a global financial hub if it does not reverse the policies causing its decline.

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