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HAMMER: On Iran, Trump Shows Obama The Real ‘Right Side Of History’
John Kerry with Javad Zarif
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Progressives, never known for their sense of epistemological humility, are often fond of boasting that it is they — and only they — who are on the “right side of history.” Never mind that American progressives, going back at least as far as the depths of the Cold War, have evinced a most peculiar obsequiousness toward America’s totalitarian geopolitical foes.

President Barack Obama, the braggart who taunted then-House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) a mere three days after his first inauguration with, “I won,” was very fond of gloating how it was he — and not his partisan opposition — who was on the “right side of history.” Never mind that Barack Obama, who oversaw a most rancid realignment in the Middle East in favor of the world’s number one state sponsor of jihad, kowtowed to that terrorist regime to the tune of $100–150 billion in funding and $1.7 billion in cold, hard pallets of cash.

Because nothing apparently says “progressive” like a regime that funds murderous terrorist proxies the world over, brazenly attempts targeted assassinations all throughout the West, publicly hangs homosexuals simply because they are homosexuals, and has been found liable by a U.S. federal judge for billions of dollars in damages owed to the families of those killed on 9/11.

In a sane world, Barack Obama and his failed novelist-centric “echo chamber” of pro-ayatollah sycophants would be apologizing today to both the American people and the Iranian people. Obama will never actually do so, of course; how very un-“progressive” it would be to humbly concede the retrospective error of one’s ways. As Dennis Prager once quipped, perhaps the nicest part of being on the Left is never having to say you’re sorry.

Instead, it is Donald Trump, recent author of the most liked tweet in the history of the Farsi language, who has boldly defended American interests against the Iranian mullocracy and stood in lockstep solidarity with the repressed Persians bravely protesting in the streets against their Islamic Revolutionary overlords. The mullahs are once again shooting some of their very own in the streets, but the president of the United States has made it exceedingly clear that the eyes of the world are watching. By knifing the Qassem Soleimani jugular, prudently declaring victory and cutting bait at exact right time, and offering moral and rhetorical succor to a subjugated populace, Trump has led by example every step of the way through this most recent flare-up of the unceasing post-Islamic Revolution tumor.

Every step of the way.

It is Donald Trump, and not Barack Obama, who is on the “right side of history” on the issue of Iran.

You would never know that from our media elites — nor from the other sheltered denizens of our bicoastal ruling class clerisy who barely conceal their dripping disdain for the rubes and yokels of flyover country. Really, hold aside for a moment the oh-so-predictable pro-Iran apologia of moral midgets like Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). It is our media vanguard, who on cable television and the nation’s leading broadsheets alike so often take the form — by sheer happenstance, we are assured! — of Obama administration alumni, that have parroted ludicrous Iranian regime talking points in a depraved attempt to deny the dreaded orange man of anything that might be viewed as a political “victory.”

Cold War-era Sen. Arthur Vandenberg (R-MI) may have once said that “politics stops at the water’s edge,” but for today’s debased media and political Left (I repeat myself), the mantra might as well be “shilling for a uniquely evil jihadist regime to own the cons.”

Thankfully, the Iranian people — who, above all else, are the victims of the Islamic Revolution of 1979 — need not care about the American media’s temper tantrums and self-immolations; Trump’s Twitter allows him to easily speak directly to the American people. The Iranian people need not care about the armchair quarterbacking of those who would question the wisdom of the Soleimani strike. The Iranian people need not care about those who would haphazardly yell “warmonger!” at a president who has arguably been the most militarily restrained commander-in-chief since Jimmy Carter. And the Iranian people need not care about an idolatrous political Left that, along with abortion and global warming, has found an additional pagan sacrament in the thuggish Iranian regime.

What the Iranian people quite clearly do care for is Donald Trump’s Iran policy. The Iranian people, unlike Obama’s “echo chamber” and the leftist/media alliance that has fought so diligently to defend its rotten legacy, know what it means for an American statesman to be on the “right side of history” when it comes to their country. Barack Obama and his henchmen will never apologize for their sins, but the history books they seem to care so much about will note how it was his successor who righted his own wrongs on Iran.

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