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HAMMER: The Democratic Party Is Fatally Attracted To Hardcore Leftism
Donkey for democrats.
Leontura via Getty Images

The 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidates finally return tonight to the debate stage. And boy, are the American people in store for a treat.

The modern Democratic Party is, at its core, fundamentally unfit to govern the United States of America. In its present form, it is, as I put it in July, “a ragtag potpourri of anti-nation-state/pro-open-borders activists, devoted prenatal infanticide cultists, neo-Marxist economic ‘class warfare’ grievance-mongers, and identity politics-centric racial identitarian hucksters.” The man currently leading Democratic presidential primary polling is a senile liar and faux-“moderate” ad hominem straw man-slayer with a firm decades-long commitment to perpetually reaching new heights of brazen immorality. The woman upon whom a plurality of bettors are placing their wagers is a politically disingenuous, shrill harpy with all the likability of venereal disease. And the septuagenarian loonbag who seems to be rising to near the top of much national and statewide polling is an actual Sandinista-loving communist radical who honeymooned in the Soviet Union and openly shilled for America’s arch geopolitical foe at the height of America’s existential standoff with that foe.

Hold aside for a moment all the sundry problems with the incorrigibly feckless Republican Party. Focus, for now, on the profound maladies of the Left. The Democratic Party, which has never seen a criminal alien sex offender that it hated or a third-trimester unborn child that it loved, is a political party in very, very, very bad shape.

President Donald Trump, of course, does not exactly have a sterling job approval rating. More specifically, his approval rating has never surpassed the magical 50% barometer over the entire course of his presidency, to-date. Statistically, Trump is eminently beatable in the 2020 presidential election. But as my good friend Jesse Kelly is rather fond of saying: All the Democrats have to do is not be insane, and they cannot do it.

Even Joe Biden, the Democrats’ purported “moderate” choice, is being dragged leftward on every issue. And the rest of the Democratic field is a complete lost cause. Recall that the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates do not even bother to explain how exactly it is that a “trans female” — a member of the human species with both X and Y chromosomes — could procure an abortion, which can probably be easily explained by the fact that there is no such thing as a pregnancy for a “trans female.”

The American people want sanity. They want a restorative sense of comity, an end to the anxiety of the daily news cycle, and an alleviation of our dangerously overheated national discourse. But they do not want a political party that won’t even call illegal immigration a crime, categorically refuses to recognize any limits whatsoever on a woman’s (judicially fabricated) right to kill her unborn child, shills for Hamas and Hezbollah in their joint jihadist war on Israel, and entertains legitimate debates about the policy merits of stripping tens of millions of Americans of their privately held health insurance plans.

Tonight’s debate will evince more of the same. Expect godless pagan paeans to socialism and the glories of big government. Expect contemptuous sneering at the rubes and yokels of the American heartland. And expect a superciliousness that can only come from a sheltered clerisy that has discarded the bourgeoisie values that have always made America great.

But do not expect anything remotely resembling a compelling vision for the future of American governance. Like a drug addict gone mad, the Democratic Party is fatally attracted to its own lethal cocktail: Leftism.