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Guy Fed Up With IRS Scammers Creates Hilarious Program Calling Their Phone Lines 28 Times A Second

By  Chase Stephens

Everyday, thousands of people receive calls from con artists hoping to swindle their marks out of as much money as they can.

Hilariously, one of these IRS Phone Scammers contacted a computer security developer who decided to do more than simply ignore the call. He proceeded to inflict a bit of karma that would hopefully shut down the scammer and prevent further swindling of innocent people.

As weblog Boing Boing points out:

​These crooks work in teams based in Indian call centers. They are scumbags of the lowest order, preying on seniors and immigrants through fear and intimidation. Here’s a security developer who decided to fight back. He wrote a script that called one of these IRS scammers’ phone banks 28 times a second, flooding their phone lines and making it impossible for them to ply their vile trade. It’s fun to listen to the scammers curse at the programmer’s recorded message. According to Twisted Sifter, he has launched something called Project Mayhem to continue his fight against these unscrupulous scammers.” He is seeking Patreon donations to go after IRS scammers, tech support scammers, loan scammers, “you have won” scammers, and “family member in trouble” scammers. Here’s a recording of revenge on a tech support scammer:

(Warning: some strong language)

The video begins with text that reads, “A couple of days ago I received a voicemail informing me that I performed Tax Fraud and that the IRS was sending Law Enforcement to arrest me, and to call them back.” Then the fun begins.

On his Project Mayhem Patreon page, the anonymous do-gooder writes:

I am a security developer who tries to prevent victims from being scammed by different types of scams. These can be Tech Scams, Phone scams, and more. If you would like to help my personal development costs, then this is where to do it! Thanks!

He has 259 patrons, thus far.

Click below for another video in which he takes revenge on Tech Support Scammers:

In his latest clip, the programmer floods the criminals with the phrase, “Scammers, I have come to bargain. I can call again and again and again. Take your scammers from our phone lines. And your assault on our phones. Never come back. Do it and I’ll stop the calls.”

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