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WATCH: Gun Owners Start BLOWING UP Their Yeti Coolers Over Company’s Decision To Bail On NRA

The cooler wars are heating up.

Yeti Coolers, which caters to hunters and outdoorsman with very high-end coolers, some costing $500 or more, recently angered gun advocates when it cut ties with the NRA Foundation, a charitable organization that supports youth and educational programs across the country.

“Suddenly, without prior notice, YETI has declined to do business with The NRA Foundation saying they no longer wish to be an NRA vendor, and refused to say why,” NRA past president Marion Hammer said.

Yeti’s chief competition, RTIC, jumped on the fiasco, The Daily Wire reported today.

And now, videos are coming out showing NRA supporters doing awful things to Yeti coolers. Two women blew up a Yeti with one shot from a high-powered rifle, with the women saying: “Yeti does not support the NRA, so we do not support Yeti.” The video has been viewed more than 40,000 times.

Facing mounting pressure, Yeti came out Tuesday and said the company has an “unwavering belief in the Second Amendment.”

Yeti also said it had notified the NRA that it was eliminating “a group of outdated discount programs.”

“When we notified the NRA foundation and the other organizations of this change, YETI explained that we were offering them an alternative customizable program broadly available to consumers and organizations, including the NRA foundation,” the statement read.

Yeti said it was committed to “hunters, anglers, and the broader outdoor community.”

“From our website to our film footage and our social media posts to our ambassadors, YETI has always prominently featured hunters pursuing their passions,” the statement said. “Moreover, YETI is unwavering in our belief in and commitment to the Constitution of the United States and the Second Amendment.”

But Yeti’s competitors saw a way to jump into the debacle and have taken full advantage, The Daily Mail reports.

Pelican Cooler tweeted that they were “proud to say we support the Constitution”.

“From now until 4/30, for every Pelican Cooler purchase, we will donate $10 to the NRA + you will receive a free tumbler of your choice,” they added.

Cooler company ORCA also posted about their own support for the Second Amendment.

“Rest assured, we will continue to support our customers, our Constitution and our great country,” CEO and owner Cliff Walker wrote on Facebook.

“Thank you for your continued business and support and as a token of customer appreciation, please use code USA20 for 20% off our site until April 30th!”