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Guest Reminds Katy Tur About Democrats’ Violent Rhetoric. She Freaks Out.

MSNBC’s Katy Tur exploded at conservative talk radio host Erick Erickson on Thursday after Erickson suggested that people on both ends of the political spectrum needed to tone down the inflammatory political rhetoric.

“Erick, in the past you’ve been pretty critical of the president,” Tur said. “You’ve condemned him for saying certain things. Why not push him for forcefully right now to be a unifier instead of a divider?”

After mentioning that President Donald Trump should not go after the media as much as he does, Erickson reminded Tur about the violent political rhetoric coming from the political Left.

“I also think there are folks on the other side who need to tamp down on the rhetoric as well,” Erickson said. We had ricin attacks against Susan Collins and Ted Cruz last week and protesters chasing people out of restaurants. I think both sides need to calm down, which is one reason I think it’s not really helpful right now is who started it.”

Tur exploded, going into a finger-pointing rant about how she thinks Trump is largely responsible for today’s political climate.


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