‘Guerrilla Fighters In A Hostile Environment’: Matt Walsh On What It Takes To Win The Culture War
The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh stars in the blockbuster new documentary "What is a Woman?"
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Speaking to Jason Whitlock of The Blaze, The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, whose documentary “What Is A Woman?” has achieved enormous success as it challenges the transgender movement, explained what he thought it would take to win the culture war against the woke agenda permeating American society.

Whitlock, a religious Christian, asked Walsh point-blank, “Are the good guys going to win?”

“We know scripturally … we’ve already seen the last page of the book so we know ultimately that we win,” Walsh answered. “In the shorter term, I do believe that this fight in particular, the fight that we talk about in the film, is a winnable fight. But any fight in the culture — if we’re going to win it — is going to be over the course of generations because we lost the culture over the course of generations.”

“Right now, we are kind of the guerrilla fighters in a hostile environment,” Walsh analogized. “We’re kind of the ones in the woods that are having to hide … come up with these little operations, and we got to this point over the course of generations.”

“So it only makes sense that to pull ourselves out of it, it’s going to take generations, too,” Walsh asserted. “But we have to be in the fight long-term. If we’re only looking for ‘Here’s my five-step plan and this will all be solved by next Tuesday’ or ‘Here’s a switch that I can flip and everything’s fine,’ if that’s what you want, then you’re not really in the fight.”

“You have to be willing to say to yourself, this is a winnable fight, but I’m not going to be around when it’s finally won; I’m doing this for my kids and my grandkids,” he concluded.

Whitlock asked Walsh about the reported death threats he has received since the release of the documentary.

“We knew that this is the third rail topic in society is gender,” Walsh replied. “It’s like the sacred cow. It’s the thing you’re not supposed to talk about, so we expected that there would be a pretty significant backlash. … They threw some curveballs at us that I didn’t see coming, like the cyber-attack on the premiere to try to shut down and then other things that we expected; trying to de-platform me. They’ve been mass reporting accounts and then the death threats start rolling in.”

Walsh pointed out that the only review from a film critic came from Christian Toto, who writes for The Daily Wire.

He referred to the website Rotten Tomatoes, saying, “I think we have over 2,500 audience reviews, a 97 rating, and zero critic reviews, and I’m not sure that’s ever happened in the history of that website. I’m not aware of any other example of a movie that is this highly rated by audiences and has been this widely viewed; we’re also the number one streaming movie on the website right now, the most popular one on Rotten Tomatoes, and the critics just refuse to even watch it. They won’t go anywhere near it.”

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