Grumpy Old Men: Kerry, Gore Help The World Tune Out Klaus Schwab’s Aging Cult Of Delusional Kooks

John Kerry, Klaus Schwab, and Al Gore have the World Economic Forum showing its age
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The World Economic Forum has finally jumped the shark, presumably while skiing across Al Gore’s “boiling ocean” behind a leaky tub steered by the radical Left’s Captain Queeg.

As the annual globalist confab staggered to a conclusion in Davos, the forum’s 52-year arc was also mercifully nearing an end. It began in 1971 as a wildly ambitious kook cult led by a 30-year-old economist who was equal parts Bond villain and L. Ron Hubbard. No one paid much attention for decades, but eventually rich, famous, and powerful people started showing up. That’s when conservatives raised the alarm and warned the world that Klaus Schwab and his vacant-eyed acolytes appeared bent on world domination. As usual, the leftist media’s response was something like, “You guys are crazy conspiracy theorists, and anyway, it’s a good thing.”

In 2023, with much of the world engulfed by debt, inflation, crisis-level immigration, and the looming threat of World War III, no one wants to hear what these pompous quarter-wits in propeller beanies have to say about how the rest of us should live. Even Europe’s unofficial energy czar, Greta Thunberg, only showed up this year to heckle the swells.

Emissions from this year’s collection of aging C-list gasbags included the usual dire warnings about a dying planet and the neo-spiritual demand for repentance from the developed world. With a dystopian hellscape just around the corner, the answer, as always, is for successful countries to return to the Stone Age while handing all their money over to unelected globalists who promise to distribute it to the noble savages.

If you eat meat, own a car, believe in borders, don’t want to be tracked, or simply want to be left alone, you’re the problem. The message was not new, but now it suddenly sounds more tired than scary. Maybe it’s because what passed for star power at this year’s meeting looked more like a reboot of “Cocoon,” or “Grumpy Old Men.”

Al Gore, 74, his voice rising in that affected and decidedly discomfiting style, once again claimed the “oceans are boiling.” There must be a giant gas stove under the seabed. Why, it seems like only yesterday that Gore was fending off a slew of complaints from masseuses, yet miraculously managed to sidestep MeToo cancellation and make hundreds of millions of dollars off his “save the planet” grift.

Fellow failed Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry, 79, pronounced himself an “extraterrestrial” who had been “touched” by someone or something which conferred upon him the power to save the planet. Synonymous with insufferable, Kerry once famously said that flying by private jet “is the only choice for somebody like me.” You too can own your own Gulfstream, if you marry the rich widow of your former Senate colleague.

Tony Blair, 69, the former British prime minister who is rumored to be Schwab’s potential successor, was heard calling for a “digital infrastructure” so “we can know who is vaccinated and who is not.” Memo to Blair: Not even those annoying people with “In this house …” yard signs and “Co-Exist” bumper stickers want this anymore.

The WEF’s twin sugar daddies didn’t even bother to attend this year. Jeffrey Epstein’s old wingman, Bill Gates, was a no-show, and George Soros was either unwilling or unable to leave the crypt to come bask in the genuflections of adoring minions.

There are even signs a mutiny could be building against Schwab. According to The Guardian, a group of current and former forum members signed on to a report calling the founder “completely unaccountable to anyone inside and outside the organization.”

“Klaus has been at the helm of the WEF for 52 years,” the group charged. “When he was born, 122 of the 195 states in the world right now did not even exist.”

Far more useful advice for protecting mankind and the planet came from British comedian Konstantin Kisin, whose address at a recent Oxford Union debate went viral and reached far more eyes and ears than any dopey Davos decree. The gist: Innovation, not authoritarianism, is humanity’s only hope. People in the world’s poorest and most populous countries are not going to stop trying to stay warm and feed their children just to win over a delusional pack of patronizing progressives.

“You are not going to get these people to stay poor,” Kisin said. “You’re not even going to get them to not want to be richer. And so I put it to you ladies and gentlemen, there is only one thing we can do in this country to stop climate change, and that is to make scientific and technological breakthroughs that will create the clean energy that is not only clean, but also cheaper.”

If Kisin wants to start a club and hold annual meetings in the Swiss Alps to discuss how to take over the world, I’m in. Who knows? It might become a real thing in 50 years.

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