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Gregory: ‘Crazy Not To Acknowledge’ Reality Of ‘Systemic Racism’

By  Robert Kraychik

Monday’s New Day on CNN saw left-wing commentator David Gregory assert that one “has to be crazy not to acknowledge” the reality of “systemic racism.” Gregory’s neo-Marxist racial agitation received agreement from fellow left-wing co-panelists.

Gregory surmised:

“African-Americans are going through these deadly encounters, and you have to be crazy not to acknowledge that there is something going on here. And so many people in the population, African-Americans and others, feel like there is systemic racism that is being brought to bear in these encounters.”

Gregory then claimed “something has to go on” to address “the proliferation of guns in an open carry state like North Carolina” and “racism when it comes to dealing with the African-American community.”

CNN political reporter Maeve Reston, who presents herself as an objective journalist, asserted that Trump had made a series of “flubs” in his addressing of racial politics. She asserted that Trump’s refusal to endorse the narratives of Black Lives Matter was a political error on his part.

Abby Phillip, a left-wing reporter from The Washington Post who presents herself as objective, criticized Trump for being insufficiently sympathetic to the racial agitation of the left. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, was praised for having “put a lot of time into it” and deploying rhetorical “nuance.”

Clinton has repeatedly endorsed the racial narratives of Black Lives Matter, claiming that “systemic and institutional racism” are real social forces in contemporary America that harm blacks. She has also accepted and furthered the premise of “white privilege.”

CNN contributor Matt Lewis, who describes himself as a conservative, neglected to challenge any of the premises laid forth by his co-panelists about America as a nation plagued with widespread anti-black racism. Instead, Lewis opted to criticize Trump for lacking a “coherent world view.”

None of the panelists contemplated the local Democrat management of police in cities like Charlotte, and the allowance of lawlessness to run amok by authorities who refuse to maintain law and order. Fomentation of racial grievances among blacks from Democrats and the broader left was also ignored as a driver of such riots by the panel.

Last week, CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who vigorously presents himself and his employer as standard bearers of journalistic objectivity, describe riots in Charlotte as a “response to injustice”.

CNN describes itself as “the most trusted name in news.”

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