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GOP Senator: Send Criminal Referral Regarding Kavanaugh Accuser Swetnick

On Tuesday, a GOP senator tweeted that a “criminal referral should be sent to the FBI” after Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Julie Swetnick, seemingly retracted some of her claims against Kavanaugh.

Swetnick’s attorney, Michael Avenatti, had given the Senate Judiciary Committee her sworn statement. In it, she alleged that she attended numerous parties in the 1980s at which she saw the high-school age Kavanaugh “engage in abusive and physically aggressive behavior toward girls,” “grind” on girls,” drink excessively,” and “spike” the “punch” with alcohol or drugs.

But on Monday night, in an interview with NBC, Swetnick admitted, “I don’t know what [Kavanaugh] did, but I saw him by [punch containers].” As The Washington Free Beacon reported, “She said she ‘didn’t know what was occurring’ in the bedrooms she initially described as the site of gang rapes, but said it was ‘just too coincidental’ that wasn’t what was happening.”

Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) decided that Swetnick had displayed what could be criminal behavior, and made no bones about what should be done: