GOP Rep. Spartz, Who Emigrated From Ukraine, Takes Implicit Shot At Biden: I’ve Been To The Southern Border Three Times

“The border is open. No one can control it. It poses risk to our national security.”
Courtesy of Fox News

One of the first Republican female immigrants in the U.S. House of Representatives, Indiana Rep. Victoria Spartz, who emigrated from Ukraine, took an implicit shot at President Biden, noting that she is a naturalized American who has been to the southern border of the United States three times, and despite the various crises that plague the nation during the Biden presidency, the greatest crisis is the border situation, pointing out it “poses a risk to our sovereignty as nation.”

Spartz stated:

I know that we have talk a lot about different crises. And we do have a lot of crises. We have economic crisis; we have inflation crisis; we have energy cost crisis; we have supply chain crisis; we have education crisis; we have crime crisis; we have Covid response crisis; we have health care crisis; we have foreign relations and security crisis; we have freedom of speech crisis, we have centralized government and infringement on our rights crisis.

“But I think there is one crisis that is very disturbing and concerning to me as a naturalized American who immigrated to this great country,” she continued. “I went to the border three times. And what I saw it’s lawlessness, it’s issue of national security, it’s anarchy and it is a crisis that poses a risk to our sovereignty as nation. And we can see what’s happening in the country. Drug cartels are controlling the border. They control drug trafficking and making billions on that. We have the highest deaths from overdoses in our country that ever existed. Our kids are dying and they are making a lot of money. The border is open. No one can control it. It poses risk to our national security.”

“I hope we all, as Americans who care about our country, and our president, at least are dealing with one of the crises, because it’s a serious issue and we cannot disregard it: the national security of this greatest country that ever existed on earth and put our people at risk,” she asserted. “It is our responsibility as representatives in this republic to stand up, regardless of political affiliation, and raise this issue as our duty to the American people.”

Last August, Spartz ripped President Biden, saying his policies had “underlined” the policies of the socialist system.

In an exclusive interview, CNS News asked Spartz, “Do you think President Joe Biden, in his policies, is a socialist? Or how would you describe his policies?”

“Well, I think there are two ways, and, you know, people kind of use words, there are two economic systems, right, one system where the decision done by stakeholders in the market, by private enterprise, free enterprise system,” Spartz answered. “We exchange transaction, and we decide, right, what you’re going to buy, and you decide what you’re going to pay and we come to an agreement. We have this arms-length transaction. Another system where decisions are more centralized and made by the government.”

“You know, that is what socialist system is about,” she continued. “Government … intervenes in making a lot of decision and providing, you know, really, you know, the centralized, you know, power, accumulation of centralized power. So if you look about that, you know, I mean, great example, you know, all of the price controls, wage controls — when the government decide what is gonna be paid in the market, when the government decide what prices are going to be, when the government start controlling assets and talking about public option insurance company, government owns assets. Actually, by pure definition of socialism by Karl Marx, when governments start owning assets and owning companies it is the definition of socialism. When government make this decision for you instead of you, you know, that is actually the definition of socialism.”

“So a lot of his policy have underlined, you know, the policy of socialist system,” she charged. “You know, so I think it’s unfortunate that the system that failed in a lot of countries — it took Soviet Union 70 years to fail — you know, now is being promoted in our country because its centralized government and decision making never works out. You know, I think Margaret Thatcher said until you run out of money it works, right? Because you do. And you see what’s happening in countries like Venezuela, you know, you can see what’s happening in countries like Cuba, you know. These are countries — they have resources, you know, they have good people out there, the system is just rotten from inside, and it’s unfortunate that we promote some of them.”

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