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‘GOP Elders’ Push ‘Carbon Tax’ On Trump

“Republican elders” have formed a coalition to lobby for the implementation of a “carbon tax,” reported left-wing CNN Democrat John King on Tuesday.

Seemingly led by James Baker, the coalition will release its proposals for a “carbon tax” under the auspices of the Climate Leadership Council (CLC). The CLC agitates for “taxing carbon” in order to “discourage carbon emissions.” The CLC website offers no information regarding the mechanics of anthropogenic global warming (AGW), euphemistically and misleadingly branded “climate change” by Democrats and the broader left.

Baker wraps his pending proposal for a “carbon tax” with right-wing rhetoric, describing it as “conservative, free market, limited government, [and] competitive.” Borrowing a slogan from President Donald Trump, he also describes his “carbon tax” proposal as “an ‘America First’ solution.”

To “offset the pain higher prices cause [Americans],” Baker allegedly called for “returning all money raised [by the ‘carbon tax’] to American taxpayers.” No mention was made of the administrative government costs of such tax plan.

Lamenting resistance towards the narrative of AGW, Baker described many Republicans as “skeptics” and “deniers” of its assumptions.

Other Republicans calling for the “carbon tax” as part of this new group include:

  • George Shultz, who has led the Labor, Treasury and State departments as well as serving as director of the Office of Management and Budget;

  • Hank Paulson, who was Treasury secretary in the George W. Bush administration;

  • Martin Feldstein, a conservative economist who led President Ronald Reagan’s Council of Economic advisers;

  • Greg Mankiw, the CEA chief for George W. Bush;

  • Rob Walton, former Walmart chairman of the board of directors;

  • California venture capitalist Thomas Stephenson;

  • Ted Halstead, founder of the New America Foundation.

CNN reports some “specifics” of the plan as follows:

“An Escalating Carbon Tax:” Carbon dioxide emissions would be taxed at $40 a ton, with an eventually being raised $50 or more in order to suppress the burning of fossil fuels. The CLC claims that taxing carbon dioxide emissions at $40 would raise annually raise $300 billion. At $40, the tax would add an estimated 36 cents per gallon to gas prices. $50 would therefore add an estimated 43 cents per gallon to gas prices.

“Carbon Dividends:” The CLC claims that all funds raised by the “carbon tax” would be returned to American taxpayers. The plan calls for the Social Security Administration to administer the plan, estimating that the typical family of four would receive $2,000 a year. The plan is allegedly “revenue neutral” for the government.

“Border Adjustment Fee:” “High carbon imports” (which were not qualified or defined) would be subject to additional tariffs.

CNN did not report on estimates of aggregate costs for the plan’s administration. It also neglected to report on estimates of per capita costs that would be borne by Americans, or by American families.

The Republican group claims that “Asians and Hispanics… are deeply concerned about climate change.”

Watch the interview below.

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