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WATCH: GOP Congressman Speaks Of His Daughter’s Death, Gets Dissed By Leftists

By  Robert Kraychik

Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.) was booed by attendees of a Wednesday town hall event in Wilingboro, New Jersey, while speaking of the loss of his 11-year-old daughter in 1996.

While speaking about health care and insurance policy, Macarthur told the event’s patrons of his late daughter. While doing so, he was booed and jeered, presumably by Democrats and leftists.

“I wanna go back to my daughter, just for a moment,” said MacArthur, as he was interrupted.

“Shame!” scolded a woman, unseen by the camera. She accused MacArthur or cynically exploiting the death of his daughter for political advantage.

“I will say shame on you, right now. Don’t tell me what I’m using.”

“Shame on you! We’ve heard this story,” replied a woman in the crowd.

Watch the segment below, or the entire event in parts one and two.

CNN chose to highlight other segments from the over two-hour long town hall event, featuring belligerent leftists and Democrats demanding government welfare for their stated health care needs. Its on-site reporter, Jason Carroll, speculated that the questions asked of MacArthur were broadly and evenly divided into two categories: health care policy and the recent termination of James Comey from the FBI directorship.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) mirrored CNN’s approach, highlighting the acrimony of the event’s attending Democrats and assorted leftists in their demands for redistribution of wealth towards their stated self-interest.

Neither CNN nor the The WSJ inquired about the degree to which the Democrat Party and its socialist/communist satellite groups organized the agitation at MarAcrthur’s town hall, accepting at face value that the New Jersey Republican’s constituents are genuinely interested in and opposed to the president’s dismissal of Comey from the FBI’s top position. Both CNN and the WSJ present themselves as politically objective and non-partisan news media outlets.

Audience members wearing pink pussy hats affiliated with feminism and the “Women’s March” react as US Representative Tom MacArthur (R-NJ) speaks to constituents during a town hall in Willingboro, New Jersey on May 10, 2017. MacArthur wrote the amendment to the American Health Care Act that revived the failed bill, delivering a legislative victory for US President Donald Trump.

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