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Google’s ‘Diversity Summits’: ‘Super-Secret’ And ‘Potentially Illegal’

Google deploys “potentially illegal” human resource management policies directed toward left-wing “diversity” objectives, said James Damore during a Wednesday-published interview with Jordan Peterson.

Damore is a former employee of Google, recently terminated following his questioning of the company’s “diversity” policies.

Damore spoke of “super-secret” and unrecorded “diversity summits” held by Google to push neo-Marxist politics on its employees. Partial transcript below.

PETERSON: Why did you do this? [write this memo]

DAMORE: About a month and a half ago, I went to one of our diversity summits — all of it unrecorded and super-secret — and they told me a lot of things that I thought were just not right.

PETERSON: What do you mean “unrecorded” and “super-secret”?

DAMORE: They were telling us about a lot of these potentially illegal practices that they’ve been doing to try and increase diversity.

PETERSON: What kind of practices?

DAMORE: Well, basically treating people differently based on what their race or gender are.

PETERSON: Oh, so you mean racism?

DAMORE: Yeah, basically.

PETERSON: I see. So it was ultra-secret and unrecorded in what manner?

DAMORE: Most meetings at Google are recorded. Anyone at Google can watch it. We’re trying to be really open about everything, except for this. They don’t want any paper trail for any of these things.

PETERSON: Okay, why?

DAMORE: Because I think it’s illegal, and as some of the internal polls showed, there were a large percentage of people who agreed with me on the document. And so if everyone got to see this stuff, then they would really bring up some criticism.

PETERSON: What were you being told [at this “diversity” meeting]?

DAMORE: There’s a lot of ways in which they pressure people to increase the diversity of their team, and there’s no way to do that besides actually choosing someone based on their race or gender, right?

PETERSON: What do they mean by “diversity,” precisely?

DAMORE: More women or underrepresented racial minorities.

Watch the moment below (relevant portion begins at 5:09).

Despite being terminated by Google, Damore maintains affection for his former employer. He holds out hope that Google may improve its operational ethics and prioritize meritocracy over racial, sexual, ethnic, and other superficial human resource quotas.

Google openly broadcasts its “diversity” policies; celebrating its ongoing reduction of white heterosexual men as a proportion of its workforce.

“Don’t Be Evil,” used to be Google’s political ethos.

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